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Pro Touring Suspension in 35-seconds!
It's day 2 of the Week to Wicked build and we're making some great headway. The Week to Wicked Chevelle already has front suspension and steering and we're ...
Apr 19, 2016
How to Build a Pro Touring Car
Before we install the suspension on the Week to Wicked Chevelle. Take a look at some of these killer Pro Touring parts from CPP.
Apr 19, 2016
EPA Drops anti-racecar proposal due to grassroots pressure
Drag shot supporting the idea of converting street legal cars into track cars, an act that would have been curtailed by vague EPA regulations.
Apr 18, 2016
Week to Wicked Day One Wrap Up
The clock has stopped on the first day of the Week to Wicked Chevelle build. Check out this video update of what we’ve accomplished so far, and don’t miss ...
Apr 18, 2016
Week to Wicked Day One: Part One
The clock has started and the crew at Super Chevy has one week to take the Week to Wicked Chevelle from a stock ’67 SS to a Pro Touring machine. Can we do ...
Apr 18, 2016
A Walk Around the CPP Week to Wicked Chevelle, Post Teardown
Five hours into the CPP Week to Wicked Chevelle build, presented by Super Chevy and Axalta and we already have the car torn down to a shell of its former self. ...
Apr 18, 2016
Backstage Video! Week to Wicked, Seconds Before the Start
1967 Chevelle SS396 before starting Week to Wicked
Apr 18, 2016
Week to Wicked Day 1 Chevelle Disassembly
CPP Week to Wicked, presented by Super Chevy and Axalta is here. The countdown is on and we have only one week to take this stock '67 Chevelle and transform it ...
Apr 18, 2016
CPP Week to Wicked Presented By Super Chevy and Axalta
CPP puts the Pro in Pro Touring for the Week to Wicked Chevelle build. We head down to their shop to pick up some cool parts for the build. Follow along for ...
Apr 14, 2016
Week To Wicked Driveline Walk Around
625 horsepower is great, but without a capable transmission to funnel all that thrust rearward, it's absolutely useless. For the Week to Wicked Chevelle, we ...
Apr 13, 2016
Engine Walk Around
There is no feeling for a gearhead like car parts coming in the mail. If those car parts happen to be a LS427 Stroker from BluePrint engines, that only ups the ...
Apr 12, 2016
Car show Memphis Super Chevy 2016
Video of cars the 2016 Super Chevy Show
Apr 10, 2016
Pro Mod video from Memphis Super Chevy Show
Pro Mod video at the super chevy memphis show
Apr 9, 2016
Super Chevy Memphis drag action
1969 Camaro heating up the tires
Apr 9, 2016
Saturday drags at 2016 Memphis Super Chevy Show
Drag action at the race
Apr 9, 2016

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