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Nova Annual 2011 Table of Contents - On Sale Now! 2011 Nova Special

Packed full of great features and tech focused on Chevy's small car, Super Chevy's annual Nova special is on newsstands right now. Great stories covering how to swap a V-8 into an early Nova to the story of a survivor '69 L78 Nova, this year's Nova special has something for every fan of the Chevy II. Here's the table of contents for this year's issue:

10 A Look Back

We take a look at some of the cool Nova photos GM's been hiding in their historical vault.

22 Draggin' Wagon
While others will debate on if a Nova wagon can be cool, we'll just go ahead and show you one that is!

34 Two With A Twist
Charles Pinchak's '63 is really a poster child for what usually happened with early Nova's before Chevrolet finally started putting more than inline engines between the Deuce's shock towers.

50 Ressurrexion
Still born as Super Chevy's No Bull Nova, this X-body was brought back from the dead by Speed Tech Performance and turned into a corner carving Z/28 destroyer

60 Plain Brown Wrapper
One of the oddly beautiful things about the Muscle Car era, you could order the baddest, double throw down, suck the paint off your house and give your family a permanent orange afro car in the blandest, mundane color in Chevy's palette of choices.

72 Fostering the Future
Everyone deserves a chance in life (well, except for mimes possibly) and thanks to the big heart of a big man, a special group of teenagers will have that chance thanks to this '67 two door post.

18 Precision Control

Don't like having to saw on your steering wheel so your Nova goes straight down the road? Try Church Boys Racing rack-and-pinion conversion for 62-67 Chevy IIs as a solution to keep your Deuce between the ditches.

28 Roof Rehab
Tired of the push pins and staples keeping your Nova's headliner from sagging? Our own interior guru Calin Head shows you how to get the interior roof of your Chevy II nice and tight again.

40 Should've Had a V-8
Once you figure out the right way to install the headers, dropping a V-8 in between the shock towers of your 62-67 is a snap. We give you a list of everything you'll need to give your Deuce the eight cylinders you've always dreamed of.

56 12 Bolts to Glory
All the horsepower in the world up front won't do bubkiss for you if the rear out back is weaker than a house of cards in a hurricane. Thanks to Moser, you can give your Chevy II a differential built like a bomb shelter.

66 Four on the Floor
Tired of letting a slushbox do all the shifting? Turn to this story and see how you can be behind the wheel of your Nova gear jamming in no time.

78 Chill Out
Sweating's good if you're at the gym, in the jungle, or at home with your lady. Sweating while behind the wheel of your car, yeah, not so good. Here's how to put some chill in your 62-67 Chevy II thanks to Vintage Air.

07 50 Years of Chevy's Deuce

With the help of Super Chevy's elder statesman Doug Marion, we take a look back at the mundane begins and brilliant peak of the Nova's existence.

84 Nova Parts Bin
Tech Editor Calin Head put together an assemblage of hot Nova related parts that you might be interested in. If not, then just use these pages to scribble notes for your next Nova build, a manifesto, or making your own Sudoku puzzle.

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