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5.3L LS Small Block Build - Modern Mouse, Part 7

Turbocharged Boost!

By Richard Holdener, Photography by The Author

Additional components included a pair of 45mm Hypergates and a single RacePort blow-off valve all from Turbo Smart. The exhaust system featured shorty truck headers from JBA connected to the turbos using short tubing sections designed to adapt the stock exhaust flanges to the T4 turbos. The Turbo Smart Hypergates were positioned inline on the adapter tubing, while the single RacePort blow off valve was welded to the single 3.5-inch aluminum inlet tube.

CXRacing also supplied the necessary 3-inch aluminum tubing, couplers and clamps to connect the turbos to the intercooler as well as the 3-inch stainless tubing, v-band flanges and clamps used to complete the exhaust. In addition to offering complete kits, CXRacing was a one-stop source for our do-it-yourself turbo kit. The final upgrade was to replace the 36-psi injectors with a set flowing 75 lbs per hour.

With Modern Mouse ready to rock, we first dialed in the air/fuel mixture at just seven psi before working our way up in power. Even at just over 7 psi, Modern Mouse produced nearly 750 hp. Eventually the boost was increased to nearly 13 psi (12.8 to be exact), where Modern Mouse pumped out 963 hp at 6,500 rpm and 868 lb-ft of torque at 5,000 rpm. Torque production exceeded 800 lb-ft from 4,650 rpm to 6,300 rpm, but never dipped below 700 lb-ft.

Being so close to 1,000 hp, it took all of our will power to stop from cranking up the boost. In the end, we decided to limit the boost to a reasonable level.

Comp Cams/Fast
3406 Democrat Road
TN  38118
Probe Racing
2555 West 237th Street
CA  90505
1801 Russellville Road
Bowling Green
KY  42101
Procomp Electronics
605 S. Milliken Avenue
Unit A
CA  91761
L&R Automotive
13731 Bora Drive
Sante Fe Springs
CA  90670
CX Racing
By Richard Holdener
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