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Tri-Five Front Trim - Deckin'Out

Danchuk decks out our '57 Chevy project car with fresh front trim components

By Dakota Wentz, Photography by David Stoker

Since the ancient pharaohs and kings, deckin' out has always been a thing of class, status, and hierarchy. Based on the amount of jewels, gold, and other "ornamentation" one had, they were perceived as being all the more powerful. The same thing applies to cars of the past; the more yin yangs and tin tangs, the better. Chevys are no different; take for instance the '57. There is no trim in the world more recognizable than its tailfin, not to mention the hood rockets, hood V, and of course, who could forgot that grille bar? Without all that flash and pizzazz up front, a '57 just wouldn't be a '57, would it? It just screams class and style.

As with anything metal, years of moisture, rain, acid rain, and who knows whatever else, it doesn't age well. Considering that '57 ornamentation is nearly 50 years old, you're not going to find many parts that are still in good shape. Aftermarket companies, therefore, thrive, especially Danchuk Manufacturing in Costa Mesa, California. They have an extensive lineup of Tri-Five parts, among them the '57 front trim.

You name it, they've got it. Any piece of trim needed is available upon your request. The front trim on our project '57 has started to deteriorate, so we hit up Danchuk to send in replacements. For the job we recruited a grille bar assembly, grille bar support brackets, a grille clip and screw set, hood bar extensions, hood rockets and brackets, a chrome hood V, a chrome grille, silver fender louvers, bumper mounting hardware, headlight bezels, hood hinge-to-fender brackets and bolts, and a front end sheetmetal screw set. Sounds like a lot, huh? The crazy thing is that it's only a miniscule sliver of what Danchuk offers.

Danchuk Manufacturing
3201 S. Standard Ave.
Santa Ana
CA  92705
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By Dakota Wentz
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