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Using DuPont ChromaPremier Pro Paint - The AMD Chevelle, Part 5

Laying down some color from Dupont.

By , Photography by Aaron Hopkins

In the last five months we have been covering how the crew at C. Hopkins Rod & Custom in Commerce, Georgia, have been resurrecting a dilapidated '67 A-body, dubbed the AMD Chevelle. It's an original 1967 SS396, so there is a reason we were saving it from the scrap heap. The previous five stories were focused on replacing all the metal on the car, and we do mean all. The only things left from the original car are a few sections of the firewall and the inner roof structure. All the other sheetmetal has been skillfully replaced with brand-new Auto Metal Direct (AMD) panels by Craig and Aaron Hopkins, and the rest of the crew, Caesar Brecino, and Chris Dyer.

Now that the team has spent hundreds of hours installing all the sheetmetal and blocking it straight, the car is ready for some color. To keep with the theme of the build, which for now is as stock as possible, the color of choice is the one that came on the car--Emerald Turquoise Metallic. This car also came equipped with a vinyl top so the roof of the car won't really get painted.

Since Craig's shop is located in Georgia, he has not been mandated to use low VOC products like water-based, water-borne, or whatever you call it. Craig looked to DuPont and the company's ChromaPremier Pro line of paints. The ChromaPremier line has a few things going for it that appeal to the paint and body shops. Starting at the primer filler, which has all the qualities of the high-build primer with the curing times of a spot primer. All of the products feature simple 2:1:1 or 4:1:1 mix ratios for less chance of mixing errors.

Speaking of mixing, the primer, sealer, and clearcoat share a common activator so there is a reduction in mixing issues and inventory needed. The activators are based on temperature ranges and DuPont has one for just about any climate. The basecoat is offered in just about any hue imaginable with solid, metallic, and pearlescent finishes available. This story will hit the highlights of how it all went down, and we even have a sidebar on DuPont's new line of Water Base paints for the painters in low VOC mandated states.

Dupont Performance Coatings
C. Hopkins Rod & Custom
7314 Hwy 115 E.
GA  30528
Auto Metal Direct
940 Sherwin Parkway
Suite 180
GA  30518
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