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Chevrolet Chevelle and Nova - Know Your Stripes, Part 2

A Look At The Factory Stripes GM Did On The Chevelle and Nova Platforms

By , Photography by General Motors, National Parts Depot

Don't forget to check out Part 1 of "Know Your Stripes!"

A few months back (September '13 issue) we did a story on getting to know factory-applied stripes. We covered the origins of the factory stripe and how they were applied to Camaro from '67-'72. We scoured just about every resource we could to get the exact measurements so you readers could get your stripes right. In this installment we are going to turn our attention to the Chevelle and Nova platforms.

The Chevelles and Nova combined didn't get as many stripe options as the Camaro, but there are still enough sprayed lines to talk about. Like, did you know that the paralleling SS stripes on the '70 Chevelle were called Z/28 Stripes on the Camaro?

Before we get into the A- and X-bodies, let us give you some history of the factory stripes if you didn't read the first installment. Some of the first stripes we could find happened to be on a '57 Corvette built by GM's styling center. Then in the beginning of the '60s, the Sebring race Vettes and Corvairs got the same treatment with a center stripe with two small pinstripe stripes running along side it. It wasn't until the release of the '67 Camaro that Chevrolet put some sort of painted on stripe on the car. The Chevelle and Nova didn't see some sort of a stripe package till '68, and even then is was pretty small compared to what the Camaro got.

To get as accurate information as we could, we used our connections with GM's archive and National Parts Depot to pull as many factory images and diagrams related to stripes. NPD offers reprints of the Chevrolet Assembly Instruction manuals, which feature technical drawings of the stripes for just about all the popular muscle cars if you don't see what you need here. NPD also offers a bunch of stencil kits to help you paint the correct stripes for your project.

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