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Paintjob - Shine Time

The latest in paint tools, tips and sundries

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The paintjob on your project accounts for a lot of what people (especially show judges) pass their judgment on. If the paint is slick and shiny, you will get all kinds of compliments. If its full of runs, sags, and orange peel, eyes will instantly pick up on it, and then all you can hope for is that engine is powerful enough to overcome the ugliness that is your paint.

We know that the body and paint is probably the most expensive part of restoring a car, and it's not something you can just order and have it shipped to your door. We suspect that option is a long way off, so for now you have only two options: pay someone to do it, or do it yourself. Since times are still a bit tough, we are hearing about more and more people taking on this task.

We at Super Chevy have done multiple stories on how to paint, all of which happen to be up on our website. Since our last story, there really have not been any breakthrough advances in paint techniques, but there are some new tools and sundries available. We contacted the two biggest names in the mail order businesses that offer these types of items, Eastwood Company and Summit Racing. Both have taken the time to create things to help the DIY paint and body guy. To complement the new paints, tools, and such, we also peppered in some of the best paint and body tips from our archives.


Summit Racing

Tips and Tricks

Eastwood Company
263 Shoemaker Road
PA  19464
Seaside Collision
511 Cypress Avenue
Hermosa Beach
Summit Racing
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