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Chevy Nova Trunk Restoration - Rust Never Sleeps

A Little Repair, Some Sanding, And A Squirt Of Paint Are All It Takes To Make A Trunk Look New

Photography by Jason Walker, Roy Landgrave

Earlier we mentioned holding the spray Can far enough away to lay down a nice,Even pattern of paint. This is sometimes Called fogging. It is a necessary practice When spraying any paint with a metallic Or patterned type of finish.

After the paint has fully hardened, it's Time for final assembly. Por 15 includes Two bars of epoxy putty to replace the Factory goop that sealed the trunk's Inspection plates. The putty has two parts That can easily be kneaded together to Produce a factory-like seal.

After the epoxy putty becomes pliable,Twist two quarter-inch round strips to lay Between the trunk and the inspection

You will notice the epoxy compressing to Form a water-tight seal when the Inspection plate is finally bolted down Tight.

Here is another look at the trunk before And after. These results were not only easyBut only took one day to complete.

This job would not be complete without Returning the original jack and tools to their Intended resting place. Stay tuned as we will Be restoring the tools in an upcoming issue, As well as installing a new trunk seal.

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