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1956 Chevy Bel Air Floorpan - Flooring Surgery

We Show You How To Replace The Floorpan On A '56 Bel Air

By Chuck Vranas, Photography by Chuck Vranas

With the green light given regarding the fit, the team separated the pan from the body one last time to pre-punch 3/16-inch holes for all spot welding points. With all metal-to-metal points ground clean with an 80-grit disc to ensure a proper welding base, the pan was secured to the body using a Lincoln Electric MIG welder. After all welding had been completed, a pass with a disc grinder cleaned up the welds and brought the job to completion. In final form, the new floorpan not only looked great, it gave the car's structure plenty of added strength and prepared it for future infusions of horsepower once the project hits the streets.

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By Chuck Vranas
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