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1972 Corvette Bodywork & Paint Job - Nasty Little Homewreaker

Looking For Some Vintage Bow Tie Muscle That Won't Break The Bank? The Answer May Not Be Made Of Steel.

By Dan Ryder, Photography by Dan Ryder,

Now for the time we've all been waiting for: the paint. First, all the door jams, body seams, and nooks and crannies get sprayed. Then the remainder of the car gets even coats, until the painter is satisfied with the coverage. Typically, Motor City only does collision repair, but it has had a few of its custom projects featured in national magazines.

Take notice: this is a basecoat/clearcoat process. Seen in the picture below is the dull-looking basecoat. On the bottom is the finished product with clearcoat. Before the clearcoat is applied, the basecoat is checked for any imperfections that may need attention. Pretty shiny, huh? Check out Motor City's state-of-the-art downdraft booth.

Presenting the new Stingray side emblem, crossed flags nose and gas cap emblems from Mid America Motorworks. I'm having flashbacks.

Also from Mid America Motorworks, we have the door weather stripping. This will replace the worn out junk from 35 years ago and provide a tight seal around the door.

Pictured here is the front pillar post seal and its partner, the rear vertical window seal.

Next on our menu is probably one of the most important seals, the one for the removable roof panels (aka T-tops). These cars were not known for being water tight when new, which is another reason to check carefully for rust around the windshield frame and A-pillars. No need to ruin the new interior with water damage. It seems that everyone's first question is: "Do the tops leak?" The answer: Not anymore!

Here's the new GM license plate bezel from Mid America Motorworks. The old piece was pitted, dull and, frankly, not worth revamping. The best part of Corvettes of this vintage is an overabundance of affordable parts, both for restoration and modification.

By Dan Ryder
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