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Shaved Door Handle Kits - No Handles, No Problem!

A Keyless Entry/Alarm Will Get You In And Keep Them Out

Photography by Darryl Starbird

We've come a long way since the days of shaving our car's door handles off and then having to leave the wing vent windows cracked in order to open the doors. Technology brought us the "keyless remote entry system" a few years back, but it took companies like AutoLoc to make an affordable and easy-to-install system. Besides, if you own a car built after the very late '60s, you most likely don't have wing windows at all.

We all know there have been solenoids cleverly adapted to pop doors open since the '40s, with a foot-operated button under the running boards or in some other brilliant hiding place, but now we can stand up to 300 feet away, push a button on our key ring, and presto, the doors fly open. In addition to that, we can program the trunk, power windows, and ignition to work with the same little remote. Did we mention the car alarm is in there, too? Before too long we will simply have to think the doors open. Anyway, that's another story to do later down the road. So for the here and now let's take a close look at Autoloc's remote entry system.

No matter what you drive, Autoloc has a kit for it. With the vast array of solenoids offered, there isn't a door or latch that can't be remotely operated. It's a simple procedure only requiring a drill and some simple hand tools. Special attention needs to be taken when installing the solenoids, with respect to the window and regulator, speakers, and the interior door latch, handle, and connecting rod. As long as everything clears, and the pull-cable does not rub against anything, there's no need to worry. Don't be too concerned about the wiring, either, as it's less work than installing a car stereo. Besides, think how smooth your ride will look crusin' down the street without those old-fashioned door handles interfering with the lines of the body. In this day and age, why are door handles even engineered onto cars? Well, until they finally do away with them, we're fortunate there are companies making do-it-yourself kits.

There is also the security factor without door handles. Of course, if someone wants the car, they'll get it, but for the average thief looking to open your car door to steal the change in your ashtray or the stack of CDs between the seats, rest easy knowing he'll pass your car up, thinking, damn that car looks cool without door handles. Don't laugh, he might still pass up the opportunity to rip you off because he couldn't figure out how. Well, so much for the security aspect, but take a look at how easy this can be accomplished on our donor '94 Camaro and how cool-looking the results are.

When doing the shaved-door-handles portion of the project, the first step to is to remove the door handles and interior door panels. We don't even need to mention how important it is to remember how everything came apart-that will prevent many headaches when it's time for re-assembly.

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