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How to Install Chris' Hotrodz Straight Axle Kit - Going Gasser!

We install a Chris' Hotrodz gasser straight axle kit for some retro fun and style.

By , Photography by Courtesy of Chris’ Hotrodz

Back in the '60s, straight-axle cars started popping up at dragstrips all over the country, as racers found using this trick helped get weight on the poor gripping rear tires of the time so they'd hook up, helping them go faster. As tire technology improved, the need for this radical suspension setup faded away, and the straight-axle gassers they were bolted to with them.

Flash forward about 50 years, and the nostalgia craze for the golden age of muscle cars and drag racing started bringing vintage styles and methods back to life. And one of those resurrected was the straight-axle gasser clip. The front end sitting a mile high, skinny front tires, and fenderwell headers sticking out the side is one way to get a nostalgia junkie giddy like a schoolgirl.

To meet this demand, Chris' Hotrodz (CHR), in partnership with Dave Kiff and Pacific Tool & Gauge, came up with a weld-on gasser clip for Tri-Five Chevys, but it has the flexibility to fit other models as well. Even though it requires a little more fabrication than others on the market, that extra fabrication gives the CHR kit enormous advantages over its competitors, with enough installation flexibility to make sure everything will fit even if the original frame has been previously modified.

To get a feel for how good the CHR stuff really is, we contacted CHR's Chris Darland and arranged to check out an actual installation. There were actually two installs going at the same time, so we went back and forth between two different cars to get our photos. So, don't be alarmed if it looks like the Tri-Five we're working on changes during the story.

To get started, and before removing anything, set your car up on jack stands at the ride height and angle you want it at AFTER the gasser front clip is installed. Once that's accomplished, the real work begins.

And if you're a big fan of gassers and love seeing them in action, check out Every car in the movie features a Chris' Hotrodz gasser front clip.

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