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Tour Car Bodywork

Tour Car Bodywork Continues

Photography by Courtesy Goodmark Industries

Just imagine the sounds from a body shop--hammers hammering, welders welding, grinders grinding, and air chisels chiseling. It's kind of a symphony of steel, where chips of metal fly and welding odors permeate the air. If you've ever spent time in a production body shop, you know why lots of body technicians wear ear protection. The whacking and clattering of steel meeting steel can get to you, and get your head banging just as loudly.

In this installment, you'll see some of the installation of Goodmark sheet metal panels. While most of the cutting, stripping, and evaluation was covered last month, here we'll see the fresh stuff being fitted into place. And though not many of you would try and tackle a body restoration of these proportions, we think you'll still find it interesting to see just what's happening behind all those exterior panels. Seeing the inner construction of a car can be just as interesting as seeing its engine.

Please keep in mind, that while this project is decidedly meant to demonstrate Goodmark's full line of replacement body panels, it also serves another important purpose along the way. You can consider this as a visual reference for what it takes to properly restore a musclecar--using an example that may be very similar to the one in your driveway. Ground-up projects are certainly not for the faint of heart (or wallet), but a professionally restored musclecar will only increase in value as the pages fall off your calendar every month.

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