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1969 Camaro Wheel Housing - Rubber Room

Installing Detroit Speed & Engineering's Camaro "Deep Tubs"

By Barry Kluczyk

This isn't an instruction guide, however, as we simply don't have the space to show every intricate detail. It should, though, give you an idea of the labor involved in the project. DSE's kit comes with detailed instructions, including a video CD, so someone who is competent with a torch, cutting tool and MIG-welder can accomplish the project at home. Tucker tells us a 110-volt welder will handle the job, but a 220-volt unit is recommended.

DSE also says most enthusiasts who order the tubs tackle the job as an at-home project, while the others opt for professional help. Either way, the DSE kit takes the guesswork out of fabricating the parts and that has made entry in to the g-machine Touring ranks much more accessible to many would-be pilots.

But whether you attempt the job yourself or farm it out, use this story as the "20,000-foot" view of the installation-it provides an excellent look at the tasks involved, but we simply don't have the room to show every weld stitched.

"The best thing you can do to ensure a successful outcome is take the time to measure everything before cutting or welding," says Tucker.

That's sage advice, because once that cut-off wheel hits the tin, you're committed.

Tucker also tells us to plan on about 40-50 hours of labor for the job-figures that certainly will be skewed by the experience of the installer.

Patience and attention to detail, however, should pay off with stunning results.

Novas, Too
DSE has a deep tub kit specific for '68-74 Novas, but the installation procedures outlined in this story apply just about exactly.

By Barry Kluczyk
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