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1967 Chevelle Wagon - Line Up

Tips To Make New Front Sheetmetal Fit Like The Originals

Loosening these two bolts will drop the hood where it needs to be. There is quite a bit of adjustment in these hinges so care must be taken so that the front of the hood doesn't take a nose dive before tightening these bolts. You will really need an extra set of hands when adjusting the hood.

This is the final point of adjustment for the hood. Pull the rubber stopper off, loosen the 1/2-inch nut, and turn the screw up or down so that the hood just touches the rubber when closed.

The grille was originally secured with rivets, but because we will be removing the grille again in the near future for paint, we used screws for a temporary fix. Who knows, we may just keep the screws for final assembly as it makes removal and installation much easier.

This is how the Totally Stainless body bolt kit comes. It may be hard to see in this photo, but all hardware is separated and labeled in different bags for no assembly confusion. Opening this box of hardware is like a dream come true. No more back-and-forth trips to the parts store for nuts and bolts. This is something everyone building a car should consider spending money on.

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