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Goodmark Chevelle Project Car-Part 8

FUEL & SPARK -- Taking Things One Step At A Time

Boy, we are definitely getting down to the nitty-gritty, for sure. In this segment we are going to be showing you not just the installation of the Factory Fit wire loom and the Rock Valley fuel tank but cool custom tricks to make these--not so original--parts fit and look clean and functional. After all, unless you are building a bone-stocker, you will need to plan and execute the custom installation of many different parts and pieces. This is a great reason why finding the right car builder for your project should be one of the most important decisions you make. To back that statement up, the boys at Metal Finish USA will be showing us the correct ways to modify some of the original replacement parts to accept non-stock pieces and make them functional and pleasing to the eye.

First will be installing, through the firewall, a wire loom made to fit the Chevelle and at the same time plug into the not-so-stock, GM Performance Ram Jet Injection setup. Of course, there are plenty of ways to achieve this, but maybe you hadn't thought of doing it quite like the way we did. If nothing else, you can use our way as a reference since these tips can be applied to many different installations. Next, we will move to the rear and show how the Rock Valley high-capacity fuel tank was installed with its stock-style straps, while, at the back of the car, we will get a glimpse of the braided fuel lines, fittings, and fuel filter from Street & Performance--and how they were plumbed to the new fuel tank and in-tank fuel pump. All of these parts were no simple, bolt-in jobs. They all took a certain amount of planning and fitting, as you will soon see.

Goodmark Industries, Inc. GM Performance Parts
Metal Finish USA
7314 Highway 115E
GA  30528
R.E.M. Automotive
2610 North Brandt Rd.
PA  17003
American Autowire/Factory Fit
Rock Valley Antique Auto Part
Route 72 & Rothwell Road
PO Box 352
Stillman Valley
IL  61084
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