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C3 Corvette Interior Restoration - Department of the Interior

Project Homewrecker gets its insides out and its outsides in

By Dan Ryder, Photography by Dan Ryder, Thomas J. Lyman

At this time we also installed the new T-top center panel shown here.

Here are the new sunvisors. We were required to install the swing brackets.

Conveniently, all brackets are stamped with info on where they should be installed.

Pictured here are the new pillar-post trim moldings.

The old ones were in poor condition and needed replacement. Removal was as easy as removing one screw, and pulling up.

Pictured here are the new shift console, shift knob, and custom console. It's all starting to come together.

As the doors were off of the car for some paint detailing, we didn't install the new door panels provided by Mid America Motorworks. However, shown here is the old versus the new. The new panels are exact reproductions of the originals, available in correct interior colors. Since we have manual windows, a hole will have to be properly cut into the panel.

Even though we have upgraded to factory leather seats, we didn't opt for the Custom Interior wood-grain door panels, which we feel are a bit cheesy and detract from the sporty nature of the cockpit.

As previously mentioned, Mid America Motorworks' in-house service restored our seats. After installing the seats, our interior makeover was complete-for now. We have a cutting edge stereo on order to replace the (God help us) 35-year-old aftermarket AM/FM/8-track player the Vette came with.

Stay tuned, as we'll keep rolling on Project Homewrecker in upcoming issues.

#1 Mid America Place
P.O. Box 1368
IL  62401
Motor City Auto Body
Dept. MMFF
11 Ferdon St.
NJ  07105
By Dan Ryder
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