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How to Install AMD 1966-1972 Chevelle Bucket Seat Brackets

Mount The Buckets Right - Installing Auto Metal Direct's new '66-'72 Chevelle bucket seat brackets.

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It's pretty safe to say that most muscle car owners prefer bucket seats and a console to a big, flat bench. Maybe its because the super cars of the day were mostly optioned out with buckets, or just the simple fact that we each want our own seat. A truer statement would be buckets tend to hold you in place better when the car goes into a turn. As an ex-upholstery guy, this author has seen his fair share of "questionable engineering" hiding under seats. I have seen everything from holes punched in the floor with a screwdriver and some 1/4-inch hardware, stacks of washers way too tall, and all kinds of sketchiness in between. The most offending thing was seeing holes in the floorboard with no backing plates or added strength to the mounting area. Who knows what would happen to that seat (and occupant) in the event of a crash!

Thanks to Auto Metal Direct, you no longer have to come up with your own idea of engineering when it comes to converting to bucket seats. The company has just completed production on a set of factory-style floor mounts that you can weld to the floor, providing the proper mounting points for a bucket seat. Not only will the seat mount to a strong piece of floor, it will be at the correct height to allow the seat to sit level. The stamped brackets are punched out of 18-gauge steel and look similar to the '68-'72 versions, but will work on the '66-'67 models as well. The four-piece set features correct holes, studs, and shapes like original, but unlike originals, these parts are EDP coated, for rust resistance inside and out. The mounting bracket set is a licensed reproduction under the official GM Restoration Parts licensing program and retails for $49.95.

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