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How to Install the Legendary Rallye Seat Kit

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Today there are more ways to improve your muscle car’s performance on and off the track then ever before. We not talking about the straight tracks either—we are talking about the ones with corners. Aftermarket suspension, tires, and brakes have gotten so much better that older muscle cars are way more capable than their designers ever dreamed they could be. We have seen it with our own eyes: strap on a good suspension system, fat sway bars and wide sticky tires, and you have a muscle car that is capable of pulling a g or more on the skidpad.

One problem: Do all that and not put in good seats, and you will be hanging onto the steering wheel for dear life, hoping to not fall out or slam into the door panel.

We know aftermarket race seats are available and do a great job at holding you, but often at the cost of some comfort and appearance. Let’s face it: race seats are designed to conform to your body, not the interior they are in. There is now another option in the performance seating market, and it will look right at home in the car.

Legendary Auto Interiors has been making restoration interior components for almost 40 years and has something pretty neat for those wanting more out of the seat while retaining the classic style that many desire for their vintage super car. The Rallye Seat option from Legendary is a new foam and cover set designed for installation on a factory frame to yield a high bolstered seat. To make sure the redesigned seat still looks right at home, the covers are made with the correct stitching, color, and grain (something Legendary is famous for). The new foam will produce a lot more bolstering without being too firm, and Legendary did a bunch of R&D before settling on what it considers the perfect durometer.

We ordered up a set for a ’66 Chevelle and tackled the install. After completing the job, we found it to be pretty involved. If you have restored and recovered a few sets of seats then you can probably do it. If these are going to be your first set, we recommend having a professional upholstery shop handle it for you. We never like to discourage any of you from doing it yourself, but the job is a bit more difficult than doing it with stock stuff.

We are doing an overview of the installation and give you enough information to see if this is a job for you or not. We also will give you a nice comparison to a freshly restored stock seat so you can really see how they differ.

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