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Rusty Ragtop Gets Covered

Here We See Some Finishing Touches

From its humble beginnings as it rolled from the trailer in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, the Rusty Ragtop has come a long way. It isn't rusty any more but it definitely needs a ragtop. Actually it had one but it was very "raggy", as the photos show. We were lucky to have almost all of the parts, but they definitely needed work. What we didn't have we were once again able to locate at Chevy 2 Only, and the experts at Ron's Restorations capably handled the parts that needed work.

The original seats and top mechanism all look as though they've spent a great deal of time out doors. Most project cars have similar history so we weren't surprised. With lots of attention to detail, patience, and hard work, the framework was salvaged and restored. On your own project, if you feel as though you want to try it, the seats, door panels and carpeting might be something for the amateur, but we don't recommend doing a convertible top unless you have expert help. It's great to say you did it yourself, but only if the completed work doesn't scream loudly that you did. It might be worth saving money doing the parts you can do well and getting an expert to attend the "finishing touches."

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