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Goodmark Chevelle - Part 10

Reassembly Is A Process That Needs To Be Done In A Certain Order

This month we are going to concentrate on tying up some of the loose ends in order to get the Chevelle ready for glass, upholstery, and a few licks on the nose (code for: flames on the front end). Even though it is a milestone to have the entire body and chassis together, there is still a large amount of work to be done before the car will be ready to make its maiden voyage down the road. In the last segment we saw most of the interior wiring being completed and the installation of the gauges and stereo, which must all be done before bolting the doors on. The main idea there is to wait to mount the doors until parts like the dash and wiring are done and out of the way so you aren't trying to work around them. The same goes for the front group (fenders, core support, hood, and so on) not being installed until the engine, wiring, and fluid lines have been bolted in place for the last time. The best reason behind this is (of course) to protect the fresh paint from the inevitable OOPS! It's going to happen and should be expected knowing that when the car is done and running down the street, most little chips and dings can be touched up. In the case of the Goodmark Chevelle, if there was an OOPS, no one would ever know.

We are also going to backtrack for a minute and go over some of the smaller tasks that were omitted because of time and page space. To be more specific, we will go over prepping the brake rotors, calipers, and miscellaneous brake system parts. Since these pieces generally come in raw form, they usually need specific paint in the right areas to prevent the unwanted elements from prematurely rusting or corroding the beauty of brand-new parts.

There are only a few more stories left to showcase the finer points of the Goodmark Chevelle before you see a full feature of the completed car and learn how you can enter the contest to win this beauty in an upcoming issue of SUPER CHEVY magazine. So keep an eye out for this hot machine on the '02 Super Chevy Show tour and don't be afraid to get up close and personal. Who knows, you may be the lucky one who gets to drive her home.

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