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1975 Chevy Bel Air PAH - Project American Heroes, Part 6: The Big Top

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Camouflage!

By Arvid Svendsen


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When Project American Heroes began, multiple 1957 chevy convertible renderings were proposed by eric Brockmeyer. eric's renderings amazed me. Working with various color schemes, interior themes, and wheel designs, he presented the PAH team with a number of possibilities for the final version of the cars inc./roadster shop drop-top that would be auctioned off at Barrett/Jackson with proceeds going to the Armed Forces Foundation.

The renderings were made available online (www.projectamericanheroes. org) so that our military personnel could vote for their favorite version of the '57. As votes came in, two front runners emerged: the "Down and Dirty" green car with 210 trim, and the "Dress Blues" blue 210 with the airbrushed flag in the quarter trim. Though neck and neck for a time, a late surge of votes resulted in the blue car being declared the winner. As a result, House of Kolor Majik Blue Pearl is now the color of choice for the Smeding Performance big-block- powered Tri-Five.

Seeing the deep and captivating pearl color on the car certainly explains the results of the election. When it became clear that the voting had created a two-horse race, I was secretly pulling for the green car-I've never seen a '57 that has that "Chicayne"-style, all-business look.

Yet, my favorite rendering was neither the blue nor the green variation. I was smitten with the tan/black twotone car with the 150 trim. That camo combo with the 150 trim is tough. Brockmeyer came up with a winner on that one-why didn't anyone ever think of that tan and black combo before? I could easily picture John Wayne at some desert military base swagger up to this camouflaged convert, throw his briefcase on the front seat, blow through the security stop, and slither off into the Nevada horizon.

Bottom line, paint them any color you want, but start building America's hot rod. Build it resale red for the peace of mind of having broad appeal and marketability. Go with the allbusiness, down and dirty green-you might have the only one in existence, especially if you go with the funky redline tires. A white car will turn up, but will it be sporting the Coast Guard stripe? Only time will tell. My hunch is that when our Project American Heroes hits the road, we'll know that the Majik Blue Pearl was the only way to go for this very special 1957 Chevrolet.

Cars Inc. Heidt's Hot Rod Shop Inc.
House of Kolor
210 Crosby St.
MS  39466
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By Arvid Svendsen
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