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C3 Corvette Stereo Installation - Looney Tunes

Project Homewrecker Trades Its 8-Tracks For CDs, DVDs, And MP3s

Yeah, we know what you're thinking-another story about how to tweak your eardrums, receive a serious headache, and advertise the proverbial midlife crisis. While all these scenarios can easily be accommodated, we took a more laid-back, conservative approach with our '72 Corvette.

When choosing a sound system for your ride, some often strive for the "bass in your face" sound, while others enjoy clarity-as if being present in front of their favorite symphony orchestra. Depending on your monetary situation, thousands of different combinations are at your disposal. As usual, do your homework in order to achieve the best possible sound and fit for your application.

Recalling the days of yore, most car stereos contained less than 10 wires, which were stripped by some crazy stoner using his teeth, twisted together, and guarded against the elements with some electrical tape. While this was most uncommon, you're grinning at the fact that you know someone who has done so. Taking it one step further, what about the house speakers stacked in his back seat? OK, you get the point, now come back to 2007.

Mobile electronics have evolved beyond belief. Who would've thought that we'd be cruising around town with four televisions, onboard video games, navigation, and CD/DVD players. One would think with all these amenities available, you wouldn't hear "Are we there yet?" from the little ones. Yeah, right!

It seems shocking that back in '72 a factory tape player was not available in the Corvette. You could get an 8-track in most other high-end GM vehicles, but not the plastic sports car. The top-of-the-line option was an AM/FM stereo, with two speakers in the dash. Somewhere in Project Homewrecker's past, a snazzy in-dash AM/FM-8-track player was installed with four nifty RCA speakers (two in the kick panels, two mounted in the rear).

Editor Jim Campisano, having finally realized that 8-tracks are no longer available for his '72 LT-1, decided to give Mid America Motorworks a call. While appreciating the unmatched support we've received in the past, who better to contact for our options on obtaining a more modern sound system? Campy wanted clean, crisp sound and enough power to be heard over the modified mouse motor and headers we'd be installing under the hood. Window-shattering bass, two tons of subwoofers and 40-speakers were not in the cards. After careful consideration we chose a JVC DVD/CD receiver with a 3.5-inch-wide monitor (part# 621-502 with custom bezel) and a pair of Kenwood Premium 60-watt speakers (part# 613-019). This would definitely bring us into the 21st century without needing a degree in rocket science. The system gave us amazing sound and features without sacrificing the interior's limited storage space. We also didn't add lots of unnecessary weight to our sleek machine.

A special thanks to the crew at Motor City Auto Body in Newark, New Jersey, which provided a more than suitable work area for us to perform our stereo installation. Let's get it on!

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