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Installing Power Windows And Keyless Entry - Roll 'EM Up & Lock 'EM Down!

Installing Power Windows And Keyless Entry On A Tri-Five Is Easier Than Ever

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It's pretty hard to imagine that power windows in a car weren't usually standard, or even an option. Back in the day, how fast your windows rolled up and down depended on your arm strength. And while the simplicity of a manual window can be a nice thing to have, the simple fact is it's really nice to have power windows, especially if you're the only one in the car. Anyone ever experience the fun of having four manual roll-up windows in a car open and it starts raining? Put simply, it stinks, especially in places where sudden downpours and sheets of rain can happen without warning.

Fortunately for classic car lovers, converting your manual windows over to power motivation is easier than ever. Thanks to the folks at Electric Life (, you can convert your classic Chevy to power windows in a few hours. In less than a day you can have silk-smooth operating windows and the ease of electric control.

Follow along as we take this '57 hardtop and show how easy the Electric Life kit is to use. Aside from a few normal tools, you'll need a door handle removal tool, a door panel removal tool, a pair of wire cutters, and a pair of strippers. This month we install the front window controls and keyless entry mechanisms in both doors; next month we'll show you how to hook up the rear windows.


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