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Let's Speed It Up... And Down

1978-88 Electric Window Motors From Original Parts Group.

Over time, things in life seem to slow down a bit. Take for example, myself. Twenty-three years ago I was physically much faster at just about everything I did. Although hardly noticeable, over time the things I used to do quite quickly, have now become somewhat more time consuming.

The same goes for mechanical vehicle parts. After 20 years or so, some of the electronic mechanisms begin to slow down. Soon, you may find yourself waiting in what seems like a small eternity for something as simple as electric windows to go through the basic process of "rolling up." There has even been a time, or two, when I've had to ask my passenger(s) to pitch in by pulling the window up on their side of the car so the tired motor could finish it's job.

It's quite common when purchasing a used car that the seller, or in this case a family member, conveniently forgets to mention some, or all of the "little idiosyncrasies" that have given the said "pre-owned" vehicle its quirky personality.

This was the case when I purchased an '82 El Camino from my uncle a few years back. These little annoyances can come in the form of a leaky radiator, a door that must be closed "just right," or in my case, managing to get the windows to go up and down in a reasonable amount of time.

I told the folks over at Original Parts Group (OPGI) about my little conundrum and they were more than happy to supply me with the proper parts (part #L201256 window motor) and some tips to get our windows back up to speed.

Although the process may seem to be a little intimidating to the slightly inexperienced, like myself, it's really not that difficult of a job. Most of this process entails getting to the window motor itself by way of removing the door panels and unplugging the electronic switches and door locks.

With the help of Primedia's Tech Center manager Jason Scudellari, we knocked this little project out in a couple of hours. The time spent was well worth it, as the windows now operate at the same speed as the day it was originally purchased in 1982.

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