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1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu Gen IV Sure Fit Series - Air Apparent

An Obvious Upgrade For Any Classic Chevelle

By Chuck Hansen, Photography by Chuck Hansen

Scaring The Crimp Outta Ya!
As well-engineered as the Vintage Air Sure Fit kit is, there are just a few variables that you're gonna have to deal with. One of them is routing, cutting, and crimping the hoses from the compressor, condenser and evaporator. We further complicated matters by adding the FrontRunner drive system, which positions the compressor on the passenger side of the engine, rather than the driver side. No matter what, you'll have to determine the proper length of the hoses, position them properly, and mark them for correct clocking, then crimp the correct fittings to them.

The hoses all use a "bead lock" crimp, which requires a special crimping tool. Once you have the hoses and fittings marked you can bring them to a local A/C repair shop and have them complete the job for you, or you can beg, borrow, or buy the proper tool and do it yourself. You can also send the hoses to Vintage Air, and they will crimp them at no charge (you'll just have to cover the freight).The Bead Lock crimper is a fairly expensive tool, however, so unless you're planning on making a living installing or repairing A/C systems, buying one is probably out of the question. We were lucky enough to have a friend with a bead lock crimping tool, and while his shop was closed one weekend, we borrowed it to complete our job.

Detroit Speed Inc.
185 McKenzie RD
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Vintage Air
18865 Goll Street
San Antonio
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By Chuck Hansen
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