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Chevy L82 Corvette Makeover - Cindefella Story - Tech

Super Chevy Does An L82 Muscle Mouse Makeover.

By Richard Holdener, Photography by Richard Holdener

Replacing the stock 882 iron heads with 200cc RHS aluminum heads, an XE274H hydraulic flat-tappet cam and Pro Comp dual-plane, aluminum intake resulted in some serious power. Fed by a Holley 750 HP series carb (we should have tried a test with the stock Q-Jet-sorry), the upgraded L82 produced 414 hp at a slightly higher 5,900 rpm and 415 lb-ft of torque at 4,100 rpm. The upgrades to the L82 improved power throughout the rev range, from 3,000 rpm all the way to 6,500. The gains would be even greater on a milder small-block (from, say a truck) since the stock cam timing would be even milder than the L46 cam used in the L82.

By Richard Holdener
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Christer Lönngren
Christer Lönngren

Hi, would it be possible to get the article # on the items you replaced?

Thank you for helping out.

Kind regards


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