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Tremec Overdrive Transmission - Full-Size Gear-Jammin'

We Show You How To Hit The Highway With A Tremec Overdrive In A Classic Impala.

By Mike Harrington

The transmission is temporarily installed again and the offset shifter is tightened into place.

Up top in the cab, the carpet is trimmed away in order to make room for the shifter's new position.

Here's why the new Tremec is temporarily installed. There are slight clearance issues with the top of the transmission and the tunnel in which it sits.

Fret not about the clearance issues in the trans tunnel. Grab a 5-pound hammer and create some new real estate. Draw a line where the tunnel needs to be peened out and have at it. It really is easier than it looks or sounds.

Now that the tunnel has been pounded into submission, the new TKO-500 is ready for its final install. Needless to say, all the hardware, including the new speedo cable, is provided from Classic Chevy 5-Speed. If new aftermarket gauges are being used, a VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) will need to be ordered at the time of purchase.

The new tubular transmission crossmember is also provided in this kit. Not shown in the photo is the transmission mount/bushing.

By Mike Harrington
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