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Tremec Overdrive Transmission - Full-Size Gear-Jammin'

We Show You How To Hit The Highway With A Tremec Overdrive In A Classic Impala.

By Mike Harrington

This Impala had a center console, so it had to be removed. The carpet was peeled back and the shift boot was removed. Thankfully this '66 SS already had a manual transmission, so hanging the third pedal was already done

After the removal of the old Muncie, bellhousing, and clutch, the new equipment was installed next. Even though the Impala already had those pieces, we opted to install all new parts.

Once the bellhousing is installed, the Tremec transmission was lifted into place for just a minute to see exactly where the new shifter would be located. After the new shifter location was determined, we knew exactly where to cut into the floor.

Not much cutting is involved to relocate the hole for the new shifter, but it pays to check twice and cut once.

A cut-off wheel should do the job in a few minutes.

Just a few inches off the top and you can put the cutting tools away.

A few inches of the shift boot will also have to be trimmed.

This little piece of equipment is made only for The Classic Chevy SS Impala.

By Mike Harrington
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