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1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Connect and Cruise LSA Package - A Perfect Match, Part 2

This month we get Chevrolet Performance’s connect-and-cruise LSA engine and transmission sitting between the framerails.

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Last month we introduced our latest LS swap buildup, which features an SS ’70 Chevelle and Chevrolet Performance’s new Connect-and-Cruise LSA and trans package. The story was a simple overview of the parts that come with the Connect-and-Cruise, the car, and the shop doing the work. Before we move on, let’s review the LSA Connect-and-Cruise concept.

The heart of it is the LSA engine that comes in the ZL1 Camaro and the CTS-V Cadillac. It’s a 6.2L with redesigned heads and forged internals fitted with an intercooled Eaton supercharger that produces 556 hp, yet purrs like a kitten at idle. With the Connect-and-Cruise part number, you also get a SuperMatic 4L85-E transmission that was designed by the engineers to handle the monstrous 572 crate motor, so it can back the LSA with no problems. The trans has an improved valvebody for firmer shifts and features a gear set of; 1st: 2.48, 2nd: 1.48, 3rd: 1.00, 4th: 0.75. Those are the major components in the Connect-and-Cruise, but it’s the rest of the items that really help with installation. The engine and trans also comes with all the electronic control modules, wiring harnesses, manifolds, ignition, drive-by-wire gas pedal, and more needed to get things up and running. The idea is to have a simple plug-and-play system available with one simple part number.

All the work is being done at D&P Classic Chevy in Huntington Beach, California, one of the most well-respected shops in the country. Owner Darryl Nance and the rest of his crew are well-versed in the LS swap and have already done more than most shops will ever do. In this story, we are going to cover mating the engine and transmission, and then fitting the new combo into the car. This will let us check clearances and figure out what all we will need to do to finalize the installation. We did run into a few clearance issues, but just know the motor and trans fit with no floor or firewall modifications.

Holley Performance Products
1801 Russellville Rd.
Bowling Green
KY  42101
D&P Classic Chevy
18331 Enterprise Lane
Huntington Beach
CA  92648
Chevrolet Performance
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