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Big-Block Nitrous System - The Coolest Squeezin' Rat

Testing The New EFI NOSzels From NOS

Coolest Squeezin' Rat
This engine really did kick! Not only was it rock reliable, it still purred like a kitten even after making almost 950 hp on squeeze! The plugs looked fine, although a bit on the rich side, but that's how most nitrous systems are set up to run, and there's still not a drop of oil leaking out anywhere. The Coolest Rat made so much power and worked so well that it would be equally at home in a 4x4, tow-rig, Pro Touring/g-Machine, or any street/strip play toy!

Once we hooked the system up and started squeezin', the fun really began! It's so cool to be able to make so much power this easily. And as long as you're careful with your tune up and always use the proper fuel for the amount of nitrous you're spraying, there's little chance of a mishap. Check out the huge jump in power with just the 100hp setting. Then compare that to the 300hp setting! Any street engine that can max almost 1,050 lb-ft of torque is a force to be reckoned with!

Note: We started all nitrous pulls at 3,500 rpm to keep from possibly damaging the engine.

Click here for the big-block Chevy nitrous system dyno chart

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