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Home Grown Ram-Air for the LS1

There are mysteries about Chevrolet that we may never know. To be more specific, we wonder why the Corvette has always been one step ahead of the Camaro? Why is it that the LS1 makes less power in the C5 than the F-body? Why did the LT1 follow the same pattern? We may never know Chevrolet's reasoning, but what we do know is that we can gain Corvette performance on a Camaro budget with very minor massaging. Speaking of budget, here's a trick that should get you that extra tenth you've been looking for, and it won't cost you a cent.

We recently took a trip over to Morgan Motorsports, in Reseda, California, where we learned a ram-air modification that requires zero parts and even better, zero green. The modification takes the stock '98-02 Camaro air box and converts it into an air funnel with air that is picked up by the stock front air dam. In one hour's time we produced 5 rear-wheel-horsepower without spending a penny. And yes, we thought exactly what you're thinking right now, how much easier can it get. Not very much!

Morgan Motorsports Inc.
18446 Hart St.
CA  91335
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