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1966 Chevy Nova Exhaust Buildup - Exhaustive Technology

Project Getaway Receives The Gaseous Discharge It Needs Via Burns Stainless Exhaust Components.

By Dan Ryder, Photography by Dan Ryder

When considering exhaust speed or backpressure, it is extremely important to have a properly modeled exhaust system. Too much backpressure (a more restrictive exhaust) can be detrimental to top end power and harm the overall power curve, while the opposite (not enough backpressure) can cause an excessive peak in the power curve, hurting low-end torque and overall performance. This is a fairly basic principal that is often overlooked, so beyond spending big dollars on your powerplant, be sure to carefully choose the proper exhaust system size and design for you ride. Let's delve into the Burns Stainless components used on Getaway, the reasons why, and the exhaust construction process set forth by Carroll's Rod and Racecraft.

Turn Key Powertrain
2620 Temple Heights Drive
CA  92056
Burns Stainless
1013 W. 18th Street
Costa Mesa
CA  92627
TCI Transmissions
151 Industrial Drive
MS  38603
Carroll's Rod And Racecraft
11 American Way
Suite 17
NJ  08884
By Dan Ryder
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