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Installing Headers and Exhaust Is a Sure-Fire Hit!

In the past we've produced bolt-on power with nothing more than off-the-shelf parts and a few hours time. But power is just one of the ingredients in musclecar soup. In other words, we've yet to see a speed limit imposed on the rumble of a cool exhaust system.

It's no secret that the stock LS1 exhaust has room for improvement with respect to both sound and power. It was this train of thought that led us on our search for a new radical exhaust system for our '02 LS1 Camaro. Our goal was twofold, to gain power and even more importantly, end up with a raspy exhaust note that we would love and expect from a Chevrolet engine.

While the notion exists that installing a set of headers on an LS1 is a near impossibility, we're here to tell you otherwise. The Hooker 50-state-legal headers and Borla adjustable cat-back exhaust were installed by Jeff Kay at BE Custom, in Chatsworth, California, using common hand and air tools with very minor exhaust fabrication. We think you'll agree that the workmanship of these parts is well worth the expense.

Since numbers don't lie we found 9 hp at the rear wheels on Morgan Motorsport's chassis dyno, and quite a difference behind the wheel. After a trip to nearby Irwindale Raceway, we showed astounding gains of .2 seconds and 2 mph in the 1/8 mile, and made lots of noise in the process. I guess one might say that our bark was as menacing as our bite.

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