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1957 Chevy Bel Air Rearend - Project American Heroes: Bringing Up The Rear

In Part 3, Project American Heroes now has a suspension in the back, one that'll take our big-block's copious amounts of horsepower

By Arvid Svendsen, Photography by Arvid Svendsen


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A well-disciplined army shows battle readiness by displaying the highest level of commitment and unity, which results in proficient military teamwork to achieve victory. Battle maneuvers and formation drills are performed in order to teach soldiers to fight as a single unit to overcome the firepower of the enemy. Infantrymen are grouped into various formations, and given tactical instructions from their commander. The most brilliant strategists seek to make the individual soldiers come together into one high-performing military machine that swiftly and confidently conquers the enemy.

On a somewhat smaller scale, Project American Heroes, the 1957 Cars Inc.-bodied, Roadster Shop "chassied" Chevrolet promises to be one high-performing, street-fighting machine that swiftly and confidently conquers the interstates. From this observer's vantage point, every component in Project American Heroes displays spectacular quality along with brilliantly engineered fitment and ease of installation. The sculpted rails of the Roadster Shop Chassis are a work of art. The Heidt's Hot Rod Shop front suspension testifies to the years of experience and hard work that have been poured into manufacturing these suspension components. The soon-to-arrive Smeding Performance 572 big-block, with Racing Head Service, Comp Cams, and Holley components, will provide all the muscle necessary to propel the '57 drop-top to generous highway speeds.

This collection of parts sets the bar high for the finished product. Bringing up the rear for the chassis will include installation of the Moser fabricated housing, mounting the Rock Valley Antique Auto Parts stainless steel tank, installing the Heidt's triangulated 4-bar rear suspension, and plumbing the fuel line with product from Classic Tube. j

The voting is done, and it's official: Armed forces personnel have picked the brilliant blue color scheme with Bel Air trim as the version of Project American Heroes that we will build. Coming in a close second was the green machine. To find out more, or to make a donation, visit

By Arvid Svendsen
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