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SAR 940 Racing Engine - Beyond All Measure

Sonny's 940 Cubic-Inch Pump Gas Monster Gives Rise To A Whole New Genre.

By Rod Short, Photography by Rod Short


Block: CN billet aluminum water
Deck Height: 12.225-inch
Bore Dia: 5.082-inch
Bore Spacing: 5.300-inch
Oil Pump: Dailey 6 stage
Oil Pan: Moroso 12-quart
Crankshaft: Sonny Bryant billet steel
Stroke: 5.800-inch
Main Journal: 2.748-inch
Main Bearing Clearance: 0.0038- to 0.0041-inch
Rod Journal: 2.1982
Rod Bearing Clearance: 0.0035- to 0.0038-inch
Bearings: Clevite H-series
Rods: Carrillo Steel
Rod Length: 7.995-inch
Pistons: 12.0:1 BME gas ported dish
Top Ring Gap: 0.040
Second Ring Gap: 0.045-inch
Oil Ring Gap: 0.030-inch
Cylinder Heads: SAR semi-hemispherical
Gasket: Copper 0.051-inch thickness
Intake Valve: Manley 2.750-inch
Exhaust Valve: Manley 2.060-inch
Pushrods: Manton 9/16-inch dia.
Intake Length: 11.400-inch
Exhaust Length: 12.750-inch
Springs: PSI brand, installed height 2.430 intake/2.460 exhaust
Rocker Arms: Jesel 1.75 intake, T&D 1.80 exhaust
Camshaft: SAR 70mm custom grind
Cam Lifters: Cam FX
Intake Manifold: SAR sheetmetal
Throttle Bodies: SAR 4x2 2.500-inch bore
Nitrous System: Speedtech 2-stage Fogger
Fuel Injectors: Precision Turbo 96 lb/hr
Engine Management: Big Stuff 3

Sonny's Automotive Racing
352 Training Center Road
VA  24502
By Rod Short
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