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283 Small Block Chevy Dormant Engine - Waking The Dead

How-To Start A Dormant Engine Without Damaging It In The Process.

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What Is Danger Mouse?
Danger Mouse was dreamt up by past Super Chevy tech guru, Mike Petralia. Here is the breakdown in his words. "When we built Danger Mouse (DM), the plan was simple. We wanted to have an engine in our stable that we could use to test and re-test every possible power combination we could think of. Our plan also included testing any of the smart combinations the readers could come up with as well, and the letters started pouring in. We built DM with the intention of running it ragged on the dyno trying to make every combination work the best way possible. So, to reach that goal, DM had to be tough enough to take the abuse we planned to dish out. Starting with a World Products four-bolt Motown block, we bored it 0.030-over and dropped in a complete Lunati rotating assembly, making it displace 355 ci. We even left the flat-top Lunati pistons 0.040-inch down the bore (as opposed to a true "zero-deck") to more closely approximate what you might have under your hood. Then we bolted some rather boring stock GM iron components to the top of it and slapped it on the dyno for its first run. After that day was finished, we were happy to report that with just a few tuning tweaks to dial it in, DM made an outstanding 308 hp and 395 lb-ft of torque in totally stock trim. Well, after more than 1,000 dyno pulls, (not all of which were recorded), with both high and low results, we've tried so many powerful combinations that we think we've found a few new recipes for perfection. If you'd like to make 480-plus hp with your stock 355-cid short-block, we've got that covered. Or how about making over 600 hp on pump gas from the same 355-cid and not sacrificing next year's vacation to do it? Danger Mouse can show you how. We've even covered the newest EFI technology too."
- Mike Petralia

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Daniel Lutz
Daniel Lutz

I just bought a 65 chevelle malibu 4 door with a 283 the motor i am guessing was not rebuilt to long ago acording to the amount of dirt i power washed off of it the motor.The   motor runs strong but i can not find where the little pool's of oil an water are comeing from that are laying on the intake manifold the oil level is fine an so is the water level do you guy's have any idea. My dad   had these car's  when i was growing up so i know a little about them 

P.S I do not run it hard i do open the 4 barrel up sometime's but i don't just hold it there/// little burst's. 

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