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Chevy Engine Restoration - Small Parts Detailing

Read This Before You Start Your Restoration

By Doug Marion, Photography by Doug Marion

Air Injection Reactor Housing, Alternator Housing, Alternator Bracket Spacer, Aluminum Intake Distributor Hold-Down, Aluminum Intake, Thermostat Housing, Bellhousing (later models often painted), Cast Iron Exhaust Manifolds, Disc Brake Proportioning Valve, Distributor Housing, Q-Jet Carb, Throttle Arm Thermal Fan Clutch Assembly, L & R Upper Control Arm Shaft

Orange Gloss Paint
Air Injection Reactor Pump support brace (pre-'69), Alternator Bracket ('67-68 Z/28-only), Harmonic Balancer, Iron Intake Distributor Hold-Down, Iron Intake Manifold Heater Hose Nipple Fitting, Iron Intake Thermostat Housing, Oil Pan, Spark Plug Wire Looms, Bolts on Steel Intake Manifold, Timing Chain Cover & Bolts, Water Pump Heater Hose Nipple Fitting

Air Injection Reactor pump muffler, Air Injection Reactor installation bolt, Air Injection Reactor pump pulley (pre-'69), Alternator Main Bolt, Battery Hold-Down Clamp, Control Arm Mounting Bolts, Fender Bolts (Inner & Outer), Hood Hinges/bolts, Hood Latch Assembly, Manual Trans Clutch Linkage, Radiator Core Support Bolts, Throttle Linkage

Silver Cadium (also spelled CADMIUM)
Alternator Adjusting Bolt, Aluminum Intake Bolts, Aluminum Intake Heater Hose Nipple Fittings, Alternator Fan ('68-up), Carb Air Cleaner Stud, Coil Bracket & bolts, Horn Relay, Hose Clamps, Master Cylinder Top Cover Tension Wires, Starter Bolts

By Doug Marion
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