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Small-Block Chevy Crate Engine - Own Another Piece Of The Grump

This Month We Take A Look At The Jenkins/Smeding 406 Small-Block

By Mike Harrington, Photography by Mike Harrington
Dyno Test 1
Maximum HP Maximum Torque
526@5,800 RPM 519@4,800 RPM

Parts list: Edelbrock Super Victor single plane intake, Smeding rocker arms, AFR 195 cylinder heads Quick Fuel Technologies 750 cfm carb and MSD Pro Billet distributor. At lower range between 2500 and 3000 rpm, the engine torque starts between 431 and 458 ft-lbs and quickly accelerates from there until it hits its peak.

Dyno Test 2
Maximum HP Maximum Torque
554@6,100 RPM 535@5,000 RPM

Parts list: This test consisted of the same exact parts as in the first dyno test with the exception of the carburetor. A highly-tuned Barry Grant 830 cfm Mighty Demon annular carb was swapped in place of the QFT 750. The torque gain was 28 ft-lbs and the horsepower gain was 16.

Dyno Test 3
Maximum HP Maximum Torque
549@6,000 RPM

532@5,000 RPM

For this test, the Demon carb was kept and the Edelbrock Super Victor was swapped in exchange for a Professional Products Hurricane intake. The results were nearly the same, minus the 5 hp loss and 3 ft-lbs of torque lost at peak.

Air Flow Research
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Barry Grant Demon Carburetion Quick Fuel Technology
Bowling Green
COMP Cams Smeding Performance
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3340 Sunrise Blvd.
Rancho Cordova
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By Mike Harrington
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