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Small-Block Chevy Crate Engine - Own Another Piece Of The Grump

This Month We Take A Look At The Jenkins/Smeding 406 Small-Block

By Mike Harrington, Photography by Mike Harrington

Sometimes lightning does strike twice. The first bolt that struck was the 572 cubic-inch big-block Jenkins/Smeding Performance engine that we ran a story on in our December '08 issue. Ready for a second helping of horsepower, legendary racer Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins and Ben Smeding have teamed up once again to build a street-friendly 406 small-block.

As was the case with the 748-horse 572 build, the signature 406 will be produced in a limited quantity. Each of these engines is fully balanced, blueprinted, and dyno tested before it leaves the shop. And those results come only after a series of dyno tests and parts swaps. Only when both men are satisfied will the 406 be built and produced.

Once again, we spent a couple of days up at Smeding Performance documenting the build and test runs of this big small-block.

By Mike Harrington
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