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Big-Block Chevy Crate Engine - Back To The Street, Part 1

We Found More Than Expected In A GM Performance Parts ZZ454

By Mike Ficacci, Photography by Evan Smith, Mike Ficacci
GM Performance Parts ZZ454/440
Part Number:12498777
Engine Type:Chevy big-block V-8
Displacement (cu in):454
Bore x Stroke (in):4.25 x 4.00
Block (P/N 12561353):Cast iron with 4-bolt main caps
Crankshaft (P/N 14096983):Forged steel
Con. Rods (P/N 19170198):Forged steel
Pistons (P/N 10215228):Forged aluminum
Camshaft (P/N 24502611):Hydraulic roller
Camshaft Lift (in):.510 intake / .540 exhaust
Cam. Duration (@ .050 in):211 degrees intake / 230 degrees exhaust
Heads (P/N 12363392):Aluminum oval port; 110cc chambers
Valve Size (in):2.19 intake / 1.88 exhaust
Compression Ratio:9.6:1
Rockers (P/N 12368082):Stamped steel
Rocker Arm Ratio:1.7:1
Water Pump (19168606):Cast iron, long-style
Flexplate (10185034):14-in.
Recommended Fuel:92 octane
Ignition Timing:Base 4 degrees BTDC, 26 degrees Total
Max. Recommended rpm:5500
1056 Randolph Ave., Dept. MMFF
NJ  07065
GM Performance Parts
By Mike Ficacci
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