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572ci Big-Block Chevy Crate Engine - Own A Piece Of Da Grump

Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins And Smeding Performance Have Teamed Up To Offer A 572-Inch Crate Engine--And We Have The Exclusive First Build

By Mike Harrington, Photography by Mike Harrington

Test 5: This version of the 572 was a simple manifold comparison test. The engine combo is much the same as the first version, except a Dart 4150 intake was used with the smaller Quick Fuel 950cfm carb. Maximum torque was 737 at 4,700 rpm and maximum horsepower was 738 at 5,900.

Test 6: This last and final test was very much the same build as the first test version. The same Victor Jr. intake with a Quick Fuel 950cfm carb, the same cylinder heads, only this time a cam swap took place. The new, bigger cam that was installed had more duration (258 degrees int/268 degrees ex at .050) and more lift (.658/.672).

It proved that bigger is not always better. Maximum torque was 725 at 4,800 and maximum horsepower was 736 at 5,800.

Two different versions of the Smeding/Jenkins 572 engine will be available and rated at 760 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and a torque rating of 740 at 5,100 (improvements were made after we caught our flight back to Southern California). Cost for the carb'd 572 is $17,995. A fuel-injected version complete with the ACCEL Thruster EFI wide band O2 controller, computer, and harness will be available as well with the same cam, cylinder heads and bottom end build as the carbureted version.

The carbureted version will have all the parts that ran in the first test, but with a 1050cfm Quick Fuel carb rather then the 950cfm. Both engines have a compression of 10.4:1 and are built in limited numbers for street cars. There are other varied upgrades available, but you would have to call Smeding Performance about that.

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2700 California St.
CA  90503
Smeding Performance
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3340 Sunrise Blvd.
Rancho Cordova
CA  95742
440 East Arrow Highway
San Dimas
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Quick Fuel Technologies
By Mike Harrington
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