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LS Engine Power Packages - A New Generation Of Performance

LS1/LS2 Power Recipes

By Richard Holdener, Photography by Richard Holdener

Spec Sheet 600hp LS2
Given the impressive starting point, exceeding 600 flywheel horsepower from a 6.0L LS2 is every bit as easy, especially when you introduce a little nitrous oxide to the mix. Running a set of Trick Flow Specialties CNC-ported LS1 heads, a small Crane Z-series cam (212/224 duration), and a set of Hooker headers, the mild LS2 produced 524 hp. After adding the NOS plate system to the mix, the peak power numbers jumped to 632 hp and 649 lb-ft of torque. The transition from a mild (albeit powerful) 525hp daily driver to serious street machine comes at the push of a button. The instantaneous thrust of torque offered by the NOS kit is seriously addictive.

BlockStock 2003 LS2
CrankStock 2003 LS2 (Stock Stroke)
RodsStock 2003 LS2
PistonsStock 2003 LS2
Cylinder HeadsTrick Flow Specialties CNC-Ported LS1 (215 cc)
CamCrane Z-Series
Lift.551 In./.551 Ex.
Duration212 In., 224 Ex.
Intake ManifoldStock 2003 LS2
Throttle BodyStock 2003 LS2
Injectors36 lb.
Management SystemFAST System
HeadersHooker 1 5/8
Exhaust18-IN. Collector Extension
Fuel(100-Octane Rocket-Brand Race Gas)
Nitrous OxideNOS Plate Wet System
Jetting100 HP

Whether stock or modified, nitrous oxide can add power to any combination. We installed an NOS plate system on an LS2 equipped with Trick Flow CNC-ported LS1 heads, a small Crane cam, and Hooker headers. Adding the NOS kit to the modified LS2 motor resulted in 632 hp and 649 lb-ft of torque.

Spec Sheet 700hp LS1
The twin turbo kit from HP Performance was installed on the engine and then into a C5 Vette with excellent results. Running 13 psi, the turbocharged LS1 stroker produced 706 wheel hp and 713 lb-ft of torque. The same HP kit has been used with 67mm turbos to exceed 1,100 wheel hp on a purpose-built 408 stroker.

BlockStock 6.0L Truck
CrankLunati Forged (Stock Stroke)
RodsLunati Forged
PistonsLunati Forged
Cylinder HeadsAFR 205
CamStock LS6
Duration204 In., 218 Ex.
Intake ManifoldFAST LSX
Throttle BodyStock LS6
Injectors75 lb.
Management SystemHP Perf. Custom Chip
HeadersHP Perf. Turbo Manifolds
ExhaustCustom 3-in.
Fuel(100-Octane Rocket-Brand Race Gas)
Turbocharger(s)HP Perf. Twin 57mm
Boost Level13 psi Max

What power recipe story would be complete without a turbo system? Extracting 700 horsepower from a 6.0L LS1 is not particularly difficult, but having that power come in a driveable combination makes life somewhat more difficult. The challenge is overcome with boost, in this case from a twin turbo kit from HP Performance. HP combined its intercooled twin (57mm) turbo system with a low-compression short-block (using a 6.0L truck block), a set of AFR 205 heads, and a FAST LSX intake to produce 706 rear wheel horsepower and 713 lb-ft of torque. These power numbers came at a peak boost pressure of 13 psi. Note that 706 wheel horsepower translates into something near 800 flywheel horsepower-a stout LS1 indeed.

By Richard Holdener
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