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Chevy 454 Big Block - Part 2-Bring On The Injection Motown Injection

We Build An Injected, Big-Inch Motown Engine For Super Chevy's Road Tour Camaro

By Barry Kluczyk

And when it comes to playing, SUPER CHEVY will be doing plenty of it once that fuel-injected 454 small-block is finally nestled between the front fenders of our Goodmark-built Camaro. You'll definitely want to pick up the next few issues to see how the car comes together.

We'll see on the road with it this summer!

World Products' New Digs
It used to be a warehouse for imported spices. Now, the 45,000-square-foot facility on Long Island is the new manufacturing and dyno facility for World Products.

Founder Bill Mitchell recently consolidated his operations, bringing all his work under a couple of roofs in Ronkonkoma, New York-after an extensive airing-out of the sinus-clearing spice odors.

"There was spice dust everywhere," says Bill Mitchell, Jr. "Even after the place was hosed down and painted, you could still smell it."

The new, larger facility dwarfs the old engine-building shop and triples the number of engine dynamometers.

And speaking of dynos, they're from Super Flow and they're all new, too.

"I used to complain about the bottleneck caused by just one dyno," says Bill Mitchell. "Now I complain if none of the three is free."

Well, we all have problems.

COMP Cams World Products
151 Industrial Dr.
MS  38603
By Barry Kluczyk
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