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Super Chevy's Top 10 Engine Tips

Building an engine? Check out these stories to help build your next small-block or big-block.

1) 454 Budget Engine Build
Follow this big-block build that makes 700hp for under $2,500. We scour the internet for some great deals and show what can be done with thrifty shopping and just a little nitrous.

2) LS Engine Power Packages
These Gen III recipes range from 400 to 700hp for those with deep and shallow pockets. Whether you prefer boost, juice, or au natural – we have your flavor.

3) Shoestring Stroker
This infamous 383 build used the ultimate budget parts, and put out some impressive power for the money. Check out this step-by-step assembly of the short-block.

4) Chevy Power Secrets
You may have the hard parts, but these 10 tricks while help unlock hidden power in your engine.

5) Budget Cylinder Heads
Listing off the best budget heads for off-the-shelf performance. Bolt these SBC heads on and feel the burn.

6) 496 Big-Block Build
Meet the ultimate pump gas stump-puller. 598 lb-ft of twist using 91-octane and perfect street manners to boot.

7) 5.3L LS Small-Block Build
This modern mouse wound up making 445hp with just valvetrain and intake upgrades. Imagine what it could do with boost or a stroker kit (actually, you don’t have to – just check out the related articles section along the right hand side).

8) Budget LS Build
Gen IV parts are mixed and matched to build an affordable, L92-headed powerhouse. How does 506hp for under $4,500 sound?

9) 350 Engine Build
400hp for under a $1,000? Is this a joke? No, my friend, it is not. We turned a battered TPI 350 into a potent little animal with a recession-proof budget.

10) 305 Engine Build
We’ll do anything for science – including build a 305. And the results were quite impressive. A cam, heads, and intake helped the little guy make 359hp.

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