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Who Says Late-Model LT1s Aren't Hot?

By Barry Kluczyk, Photography by Barry Kluczyk, Colette Lance

LT4 Kit at a Glance
As we mentioned in the primary story, the LT4 conversion kit available from Pace Performance Warehouse is a complete system that can pump a stock LT1 to about 425 normally aspirated horsepower. The kit retails for about $2,400 and includes the following components:

* Fully assembled LT4 aluminum heads (2.00-in. intake/1.55-in. exhaust valves)
* Red-painted LT4 raised-runner intake manifold* LT4 "Hot" camshaft (0.525/0.525 lift; 218/228 duration; 110-deg. lobe centerline)
* Aluminum roller rocker arms with 1.6 ratio
* Head gaskets and intake gaskets
* Bleed pipe seals
* EGR gasket and EGR pipe gasket
* Throttle body gasket
* Miscellaneous additional gaskets
What the kit doesn't include is the necessary upgraded throttle body, which maxes the performance of the combination. Computer tuning also is required, as the stock LT1 program won't dig what the LT4 parts are trying to tell it. In all, it's a thorough kit that gives LT1 owners a leg up on the LS1 competition. Check out for more information.

Hardcore Racing Tuned Port Induction Specialties
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Pace Performance Warehouse
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Automotive Racing Products
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ATI ProCharger
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By Barry Kluczyk
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