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How To Make Custom Headers - Unfair Header Fabrication

We Build The Custom Headers For Our 1,400hp '69 Camaro Project Car.

By John Parsons, Photography by John Parsons, Rachel Parsons

As an aside, 1,400 hp means each primary tube in the header needs to support 1400 / 8 hp = 175 hp. Doing the same calculation 175 x 2.2 / 115 = 3.3 square inches. The area of a 2-inch tube is 3.1 square inches, so the headers might be the limiting factor in ultimate horsepower in Unfair.

Working the calculation backwards, we see that the 2-inch headers will theoretically limit the engine to 1,300 hp. Stay tuned. We'll see how that engine turns out on the dyno pretty soon!-John Parsons.

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Cone Engineering
II Much Fabrication
By John Parsons
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