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Supercharged Chevy Small Block - Boosted Bumpsticks

We Compare Cams On A Blown & N/A Small-Block.

By Richard Holdener, Photography by Richard Holdener

It bears mentioning that the 560 hp power level achieved with the XR282HR cam and Vortech pushed the internals of the stock short-block right to the ragged edge. At this power output, the cast pistons may well fold under the pressure, this despite the use of race fuel and conservative tuning levels. If you plan on running this much power, be prepared to step up to forged pistons at the very minimum, but forged rods would also be highly recommended. The stock cast crank will likely tolerate the abuse, but the rods and pistons are certainly suspect.

Just make sure to pick the right cam for your blower motor.

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By Richard Holdener
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