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Masquerading High Tech Heads - Modifying Modern CNC Aluminum Heads to Look Vintage

By Mike Harrington, Photography by Mike Harrington

As far as small-block Chevrolet engines are concerned, what could be better than the latest high flowing cylinder heads? How about the latest high flowing cylinder heads that look no different than a set of old fuelie humpers? Now were talking. I have always wanted to see Super Chevy Magazine do a story using the latest parts disguised as a retro looking engine. Well that has come to fruition. While we won't reveal the actual engine and engine build (wait for the March issue to come out), but what we can focus on the CNC transformation process.

There is a shop in Palmdale, California, called Precision Specialty Service. At Precision Specialty Service, they came up with a method to mill down a set of new heads to give them that vintage look.

Precision Specialty Servive
(661) 317-6137
3204 Quarry Rd
Palmdale California, 93550
Ask for Billy Goyett.

By Mike Harrington
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