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Small-Block Chevy Heads - Proof-Positive Power, Part 2

Here Comes The Power

By Jason Walker

Last month, we took a look at the assembly of the Vrbancic Brothers' 414ci ATI blown short-block. To successfully build an engine that will consistently withstand the added internal pressures that come with supercharging and racing, we need to not only think about the strength of the parts but also the design and construction that has been painstakingly built in to these parts ensuring efficiency and longevity. This compiling of certain parts comes from years of dyno pulls and the right (and wrong) results on the track. The Vrbancic Brothers take all of these experiences very seriously. With respect to that statement, we are going to spend a little time on the Brodix aluminum heads and the work that went into preparing them for this engine-and why. Remember, when adding a supercharger (or the like) to an engine, you are simply adding a great deal more air and fuel, causing an increase in internal pressure. With that in mind, the first thing to think about is creating an unrestricted, consistent flow through the heads.

Jennings Racing Heads (formerly Air Flow Dynamics of Upland, California) did a superb job porting, polishing, and performing a valve job. That's just the start. These heads go far beyond any normal port and polish. Even the T&D rocker setup is about as trick as you can get these days. This setup utilizes a one-piece steel base that will keep the rockers in place with no worry of pulling studs. Better yet, take a closer look through the photos, and we will attempt to explain these parts as you see them. Oh yeah, just to keep your saliva flowing (or just to keep you reading), after all was said and done, this small-block pumped out over a 1,000 hp with almost 800 lb-ft of torque. If that doesn't pique your interest, skip to the next story.

5500 751 787
5600 760 810
5700 764 829
5800 765 845
5900 772 867
6000 775 886
6100 783 910
6200 784 926
6300 787 944
6400 789 961
6500 790 978
6600 792 995
6700 792 1010
6800 793 1027
6900 792 1041
7000 790 1053
7100 788 1066
7200 787 1079
7300 782 1087
7400 778 1096
7500 765 1093
Accessible Technologies, Inc
14801 W. 114th Terr
KS  66215
4770 Lamar Ave.
TN  38181
AE Cleveite Engine Parts
1350 Eisenhower Pl
Ann Arbor
MI  48108-3282
Dept. SC
Manley Performance Products
Automotive Racing Products (ARP)
531 Spectrum Circle
CA  93030
Meziere Enterprises Inc
220 S. Hale
CA  92029
Dept. SC
301 Maple P.O. Box 1347
AR  71953
Performance Machine
COMP Cams Specialty Component Engineering (SCE Gaskets)
1122 West Ave. L-12 Unit 111
CA  93534
26555 Northwestern Hwy.
MI  48033
T&D Machine Products
Carson City
JE Pistons Vrbancic Bros. Racing
Jennings Racing Heads
1529 West 13th St. Unit A
CA  91786
Dept. SC
World Products, Inc
35330 Stanely
Sterling Heights
MI  48312
Dept. SC
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By Jason Walker
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